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Leading edge technology from WREA

Western Renewable Energy Analysts Inc. (WREA) is the industry leading expert in using Inventory Based appliance and Equipment Level Disaggregation (IBAELD) through Green Button data analysis to detect failing equipment and wasting resources from natural gas, propane, electricity and water resource usage. WREA program analysis can potentially save clients millions of dollars in unnecessary expense by remotely sensing, detecting and identifying failing equipment and the wasting of resources.

WREA's leading edge technology EMSPRO accesses data from the client’s smart meter(s). EMSPRO captures the data in real time using current market hardware, and also from the client’s servicing utilities’ Green Button data, to intelligently analyze patterns in the usage of machinery, equipment or appliances in different settings. The parameter inputs are based on machinery, equipment and appliance inventory entered by the user, be it an agricultural, industrial, business or a residential setting.

Based on this, WREA’s unique program is able to determine and detect system upsets, anomalies or malfunctions of equipment such as motors or pumps, failure of joints or piping, or spills instantaneously. Furthermore, using the cutting edge social media feature in the program allows for social media alerts either targeted to individuals, industry, entire neighborhoods or the world. The feature alone has been forecasted to save billions across the USA alone, and will have a major influence on the environmental practices of many segments of business and our communities.

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