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General information on WREA Inc.

WREA supports large commercial Green Button users for integrated energy management, saving energy, lowering costs and saving money through alternates analysis and modelling, lowering carbon footprint

WREA supports Green Button technology

WREA supported research that spread awareness in Silicon Valley and inspired Silicon Valley Leadership Group efforts in lobbying for Green Button one year before--Click here to see video of summary of the study

World Reusable, Recyclable and Renewable Energy, Environmental and Economic Analysts, Inc is a dba (doing business as name ) for Western Renewable Energy Analysts, Inc. (WREA) was formed to help address the nation’s need for safe, clean, reliable, and renewable energy. Safe and clean energy will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, create new jobs, help to stabilize the nation’s power grids and help save our planet. The business scope of the company covers a large spectrum of the renewable energy arena:

• renewable alternative energy

• smart grid technologies

• greenhouse gas calculation and reduction

• carbon credits, allowances, and offsets

• the voluntary carbon market

• methane offsets

• carbon sequestering technologies

• solar and wind consultation/referral services

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